Renville County Historical Society


The Renville County Historical Society was organized in 1940 for the purpose of collecting, preserving, and sharing the history of Renville County.

Genealogical Research and Resources:

The Renville County Genealogy Society and the Renville County Historical Society are working together to provide the public access to records, newspapers, census data, organization information, business records, photographs, and much more.  We are striving to provide this information in useful formats and as quickly as we can.  We welcome your suggestions and ideas

● Protecting our Log Cabin
● Rebuilding our Blacksmith Shop
● Digitizing newspapers, local records, and photographs
● Remembering and marking grave sites
● Recording cemeteries

Your Membership to RCHS is a great way to contribute to the preservation of Renville County History, plus members receive:

● Free Admission to the Museum!
● Our quarterly Newsletter the Suland Sentinel!
● 10% off most items in our Gift Shop!

If you would like to become a member, please print and fill out this form, include a check or money order for the one of the amounts listed below, and mail to: RCHS 441 North Park Drive Morton, MN 56270 We have added some special interest funds that we need help funding! If you see a fund you would like to contribute to, please just take a moment to check it off and include a donation of your choosing.


The Renville County Historical Society also features a large research area that includes:

● County Newspapers from 1870 to 2005!
● 1916 & 1980, as well as many other historical reference books!
● Family Files!
● Volunteer researchers to help you with your search! and more!

If you would have a family, town, early town, or county research question, feel free to send an email to: