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Olivia Soldier Dies in Service published in the Olivia Times 09/05/1919

Olivia Soldier Dies in Service: John Schanil Succumbs at Jefferson, MO and Remains are Brought to Olivia

     The sad news of the death of John Schanil at Jefferson Barracks, MO was received here last week and it brought a feeling of deep sorrow to his many relatives and friends in this vicinity. The remains were shipped to Olivia, arriving here Saturday morning, and the funeral took place Sunday afternoon from the M.E. Church at this place, Rev. W.S. Emery conducting the services. A large crowd of sympathizing friends turned out to the services to pay a tribute of love and respect to the memory of the deceased, and to extend condolence to the bereaved relatives. Rev. Emery spoke fittingly of the patriotism of the deceased and of the sacrifice which this community is making for our beloved country, this being the third funeral of local men in the service since we entered the war. The large, beautiful casket was covered with wreaths of flowers, presented by loved ones, among the wreaths being a beautiful one from the M.W.A. Camp of Olivia of which deceased was a member. Beneath the flowers on the casket was draped the National Colors, so dear to the heart of the deceased, and for which he offered his life. The interment was in the Olivia Cemetery.
     John Schanil was born in Cresco Iowa, Feb. 22, 1880. When a small child he went with his parents to Mitchell, SD where the family resided some years, later returning to Iowa. About 3 years ago the family came to Renville County, settling on a farm a few miles northwest of Olivia. Here the deceased grew to manhood, attending public school and later learning the blacksmith trade under his older brother. He operated a shop for a while at Danube, later returning to Olivia, and when our country declared war he volunteered his services. Being past the draft age, and being afflicted with a nervous aliment, he was rejected at home, but he did not give up, but applied for admission into the service at state headquarters. At first he failed, but finally he was accepted and was assigned to work of horseshoer in the Field Artillery at Jefferson Barracks, MO. His death followed an attack of epilepsy, his illness being a short duration.
     John was a kind-hearted, honest and sincere young man and a true and noble patriot. He showed his willingness and desire to give to his beloved country the last full measure of devotion, and for that evidence of his noble and patriotic soul his memory will live in the hearts of his acquaintances.
     The bereaved family have the sympathy of the entire community in their sorrow. The surviving members are his mother, eight brothers and three sisters. James of Elmhurst, SD; Joseph & Albert of Canada; Frank, Charley, George, Fred & Jerry of this place; Mrs. Arnold Houdeck of Shelby, MT and Misses Blanch & Mary, who are at home.

James R Delany Writes published by the Franklin Tribune 9/5/1918

James R. Delaney Writes:

Fremont, California
August 7, 1918

Local Red Cross, Franklin, Minn..

Dear Ladies,
     I have just received the komfy kit you gave mother for me, and I wish to thank you very much for it. It sure comes in very handy; you ladies are doing some wonderful work.
     Have been in California since last November and think it a wonderful state. Spent the weekend at Brook Dale, a summer resort in the mountains with some other boys. Saw some of the hug Pine trees; the climate is great, also took a salt water dip at the beach.
     I like the army life time, there is a might fine bunch of boys in our company. We have a nice Y.M.C.A. and Knights of Columbus building here, where one can see a movie any evening.
     We are getting in nine thousand recruits here and am helping fill out the vaccination and small pox cards and can assure you it’s some job.
     Again thanking you for your remberence and assuring you I will kill a couple of extra Huns for this, I remain as ever yours very truly;
James R. Delaney, Camp Fremont, Cal., Ambulance Co. No. 11.

Will Prepare War History for the State Published in the Fairfax Standard 9/5/1918

Will Prepare War History for the State: Plans Made to Preserve the Record in Which the Smallest Community Will Be Represented
     The very important task of preserving the war history of the state has been taken up by the Public Safety Commission and a “War Record Commission” to co-operate with and through the State Historical Society will be appointed, all members to serve on a voluntary basis. A membership of eight or ten members is considered.
     The details of the proposed work have been carefully worked out by C.W. Henke, Publicity Director of the Commissions, and F.F. Holbrook, Field Agent of the Minnesota State Historical Society.
     The Commission has appropriated $1,000 to defray incidental expenses of the compiling of the history and will urge its entire organization to assist in the work. Representatives of the “War Record Committee” will be appointed in every county and precinct. All state departments and patriotic organizations will be asked to assist in the work.
     This work is directly in line with Governor Burnquist’s suggestion, which calls for a record of military activities of Minnesota’s soldiers and sailors and his plan to extend sympathy of the wounded ones and comfort to relatives of such who are called upon to make the supreme sacrifice for the cause of liberty.
     The history and collection of war relics to be gathered by the War Record Commission will be of immense value and interest to future generations. It is a practical and most necessary adjunct of the work of the Safety Commission and something that will be a monument to its industry, efficiency and far-seeing patriotism.
Editors Note: Published 1920 by the Olivia Times the book “Renville County in World War I: 1917, 1918, 1920”. The Renville County Historical Society is partnering with the Renville Genealogical Society in recreating this book to include as many of the World War I veterans we can locate in Renville County along with their obituaries, their families and their military records. Keep an eye on the website for updated information on this project! If you have a Renville County connection to World War I please contact Nicole at the Museum 507-697-6147 or email director@renvillecountyhistory.com so we can complete the book!

Renville County Historical Society Yearbook Collection

Renville County Historical Society Yearbook Collection

The Renville County Historical Society is seeking to add to the yearbook collection. Please see the list below of the current yearbooks in the Research Library. If you have any yearbooks to donate please contact Nicole at the Renville County Historical Society via telephone 507-697-6147 or email director@renvillecountyhistory.com.

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Buffalo Lake-Hector: 1988-1990, 1994-2000

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Fairfax (Winner as the 2019 Featured Town): 1917, 1923, 1956-1957, 1959, 1962, 1965

Franklin (2016 Featured Town): 1948-1949, 1953, 1958-1961, 1964-1986, 1988-1989

Hector: 1986-1987

Morton (2015 Featured Town): 1915, 1938-1939, 1944, 1946, 1948, 1950, 1958, 1960-1985

Olivia (2017 Featured Town): 1912, 1916-1917, 1924, 1957-1959

Redwood Valley: 1984-1986

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Sacred Heart-Renville: 1981-1988

St. Mary’s: 1962-1963

Cedar Mountain: 1991-1992, 2000-2002, 2005, 2016

10th District Basketball Tournament: 1962-1969, 1986

No yearbooks from BLHS, BOLD, GFW or RCW

DEPARTMENT CALLS FOR VOLUNTEERS published in the Olivia Times on April 4, 1918


Fourteen Men From Renville County Enlist in U.S. Aviation Corps. — EIGHT OLIVIA BOYS ENLIST — Government May Call For More Volunteers from Minnesota in Near Future.

A call was issued recently by the war department for volunteers from the various states to commence training in the aviation corps. The quota of men called from Renville County was fourteen and this call was promptly answered, seven of the number to volunteer being from Olivia.

A much larger number than was called for offered their services and indicated a desire to enlist. The call was received by Sheriff Sunde Saturday morning and by noon of the same day the required number had enlisted. The ment will leave Olivia on April 9th, for Pittsburg where they will enter the university for a course of training in the aviation corps. The number includes from Olivia: Geo. E. Pepin, A.L. Jansen, Theo. Berge, Oscar Windhorst, Clifford Strom, Jos. Koterbe and Warren Mitchell; Sacred Heart: Tolmer Boggee and Theo Hansen; Renville: William McBloom, Lester Smith, Ed. Geisler and Clement Schaffer; Bird Island: Ira Strom. A number of others applied for enlistment but were too late to get in on this call.

The local board expects to receive another call for volunteers in the near future and any young man desiring to answer this call as a volunteer should file his application with the board at his earliest convenience. The call will probably come before many days, but for what department of service, is not yet know.